Prepare 22

Learn about our Sr. High trip happening this summer!

Let's Go Camping!

We are so excited that you're joining us for Prepare 22! We have an exciting week packed with fun, food, teaching and a great time! It's a fantastic opportunity to fellowship together as we finish the summer.

What's THE schedule?

We will be meeting at 6:30am on August 29th and returning around 8:00pm on September 1st. You can download the full schedule using the bottom below.

What Do I bring?

You're responsible for packing your personal belonging for the trip. We will take care of food, shelter (tents), and everything else. Please follow the packing list carefully...and DON'T BRING A SUITCASE!

Where is it?

We have some private land in the Bancroft area that we can use. This excellent piece of property includes prime locations for tents, a private outhouse, and water in the lake... that doesn't run. The amenities might be lacking, but the food will be top notice, as will the fellowship and teaching.

What does it cost?

This year we are charging $100/student to cover the cost of travel and food. We do have sponsorships available for those who can't come because of the cost. Registration is now closed.

The final payment is due on August 24th.

I still have questions

Click below and let us know what other information you need from us.