Enjoy Our Most Recent Service!

Realizing Our Greatest Need

Join us today as we continue look at the essentials found in the gospel of John. Today we will see what our greatest need really is. We pray that you enjoy the service and that your relationship with Christ is strengthened by God's word.

Join an Online Group

Just because we cannot meet in person doesn't mean that we cannot meet together. We have a variety of online prayer meetings, groups, and studies so that you can fellowship with other believers and grow in your faith. Signing up is simple, just contact the office and we will get you connected!
Sunday: 7:00pm | Love Redeemed
Monday: 7:00pm | Women's Bible Study
Tuesday: 7:30pm | Prayer Meeting
Wednesday: 7:00pm | CentrePeace Youth (Grades 9-12)
Wednesday: 7:30 pm | Prayer & Study
Thursday: 6:30pm | Rooted Youth (Grades 6-8)
Friday: 4:30pm | Young Mens Study