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Obeying God in Persecution

Acts - Witnesses To the Ends of The Earth

Acts 5:12-42

The Holy Spirit directs God's people to obey through the barriers of persecution. (2Tim 3:12)

1. God's People Thrive & Overcome Obstacles By The Holy Spirit | v.5-15

  • 2Cor 5:17. Lives are transformed
  • Religious people are always jealous of new life in Jesus Christ. v. 17-18
  • What barriers are you experiencing in your life? How does the Lord want to set you free to serve him?

2. God's People Know What To Do And Are Faith-Filled By The Holy Spirit | v.19-26

  • What do we do? v. 19-21
  • What do we do? Acts 2:37; 5:24, 26 (fear)
  • Religious people do not know what to do and our fearful. 
  • Are you living in fear and do not know what to do? 

3. God's People Teach The Truth And Deal With Their Guilt | v.27-32

  • v. 28 given strict orders not to teach. The disciples filled Jerusalem with gospel teaching and brought conviction of sin.  
  • v. 31 – repentance and forgiveness of sins. 
  • Religious people are false teachers and deny their guilt.  
  • Is there teaching from the word of God that is convicting you? Why have you not responded? John 14:15

4. God's People Obey The Lord Rather Than Compromise | v.29-37

  • Why is there to be no compromise with God's people? v. 30, 31,32.
  • The intervention of Gamaliel by the Lord. v. 33-37
  • The Lord works things out in his ways and in his time.
  • Is there compromise in your life?  

5. God's People Will Not Fight Against The Lord | v.38-42

  • The religious will fight against the Lord.
  • Human origins fail. v. 38
  • When God originates, ministry thrives. v. 39, 28, 40
  • Violence is the response of the religious. v. 40
  • They praised God and kept proclaiming the good news. v. 41-42
  • Are you fighting against the Lord?                                                                                                

The Holy Spirit directs God's people to obey through the barriers of persecution.