Genesis Study

Monday Nights | 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Welcome to the Genesis Study

1 Corinthians 10 & 11 speak of the stories of the Old Testament as written down for the Christians' instruction. This study of Genesis seeks to study how this ancient book applies to our day, how it is instruction for us; but also what it teaches about who we are as humans, how we should live in the world, and most importantly, Who God is - how we may know Him, love Him more, live in wonder at His mighty works, and have hope in the struggles of life because He is King.

In doing this, we will examine in deeper detail the historical background and cultural world of Genesis, how the stories of Genesis work together in one whole story towards one purpose, and how this all fits within the greater context of the Bible. Ultimately, it seeks to provide the tools and knowledge to assist us in better reading and applying Genesis for ourselves now and in the future."

When and where is it?

The Genesis Study is happening on Monday Nights from 6:30pm-8:30pm resuming on January 9th. We will meet weekly until March 27th, except for a break on February 20th for Family Day.

We meet at The Rock Bible Church at 1140 Nellis St., Woodstock, ON. You'll find us at the lower doors; just come inside!

Who is this for?

Anyone is invited to attend. We recommend this study for new and mature believers looking to deepen their understanding of Genesis.

What should i bring?

Everyone attending should bring a Bible; otherwise, just show up!

How do i register?

To register, simply click the button below! We will be in touch shortly, so keep an eye out for our response.