COVID-19 Response

Future Sunday  In-Person Services

The Ontario government has now made allowances for churches to have in-person services to happen with 30% of building capacity.  With our Elders' meeting last night, we agreed to take a slower approach to open up to services.  Many mid-size churches and larger churches are waiting until September to reopen.  We are going to be sending out a survey to our Oxford family to get feedback from everyone.
 As a mid-size church,  we will have to have multiple services to accommodate everyone, volunteers trained in welcoming/screening, and volunteer cleaning teams between services.  We want to have these systems in place for safety and to adhere to health and governmental guidelines. Stay tuned for further information on the next steps.  Not to mention, we are in a building transition to complicate things more!  Exciting times.    
  We have decided to have some smaller group meetings shortly to get us started, test our systems and protocols as we come back together.  We need you to pray, have patience, as we prepare and plan the next steps at Oxford church's regathering.