Children's Ministry COVID Guidelines

Learn about what we're doing to keep everyone safe

Guidelines for Children’s Ministry

First, I want to thank you all so much for being flexible with all the changes this past year and a half! As we move indoors there are changes again.  These are the guidelines we will be following for kids’ ministry at the school. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

We have decided to combine certain age groups because of the limited space at the school. This is to ensure we can socially distance indoors.

We will be combining the nursery and the toddlers into one room which will be located down the hallway across from the bathrooms. We will also have JK- Gr.1 together in the library. The kids in grades 2-5 will be in the foyer area with a locked front door for safety. 

We are requiring children aged 2 and up wear a mask. We understand that not all children ages 2 and 3 might be able to tolerate a mask. So, based on Southwestern public health, we will still except kids that will not wear a mask or are medically exempt. 

For Nursery and toddlers: The leaders will be required to wear a mask and wear a shield or goggles when holding a child or having to be close to a child. Toys will be provided for kids to play with. They will be regularly sanitized and be placed in a bin when it is likely a child might place it in their mouth so there will be no spreading of different germs. 

Please ensure your little one use the washroom before coming to kids’ ministry as we would like to limit bathroom activities as much as possible. 

For everyone: At times we might take the kids jk-gr.5 outside to have mask breaks and do games. Please make sure your child is prepared to be outside when it is nice. 

Please ensure you screen yourself and your children before coming to kids’ ministry. If you demonstrate any symptoms, please do not come as we want to make sure we do not spread anything. 

It is important that you register online if you would like to come to kids’ ministry as it helps us ensure we have enough materials as well as enough space to maintain 6 feet apart. 

Thank you for all your cooperation. Looking forward to having you all back together! 

Mary Pifer

Children’s and Family Director